Carbon Sink Archives

Carbon Sink Archives is a web-based service on storing, retrieving and analyzing 2-dimensional data as related to the problem of “missing sink/residual terrestrial uptake”. It is intended for re-using final research data and developing comprehensive, policy-relevant understanding of biophysical mechanism staying behind this natural phenomenon.

The service includes:

  • Installation of personal data archive
  • Access to the database of file references
  • Access to web-based tools for analyzing and benchmarking the outputs of the global carbon cycle models

The interactive services were already terminated.


The current priority of our activity is to transform the plurality of models into normative data on the major components of the terrestrial carbon sink. Currently, 13 different model outputs are used to generate normative data.

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Office for Global Environmental Database (E-mail:cgerdb_admin(at)nies(dot)go(dot)jp)