CGER provides the basis for global environmental research, with an emphasis on climate change, by establishing a fundamental infrastructure for environmental research including strategic monitoring of the global environment, development of global environmental databases and support for global environmental research.

The results of these activities are made available not only to other researchers and related organizations, but also to the general public.

Strategic monitoring of the global environment

Global Environmental Monitoring image

Our research activities help to clarify the factors involved in climate change by collecting a wide range of data through observation of the atmosphere and ocean from ground-based monitoring stations, ships and airplanes, as well as ecosystem and carbon balance monitoring in terrestrial ecosystems such as forests.

Global Environmental Monitoring

Development of a global environmental database system

Global Environmental Database image

CGER develops and operates a core database system of information related to the global environment as well as data and research results obtained from various research projects carried out at CGER, and makes these data available to the public. Furthermore, CGER also maintains numerous databases from a wide range of research fields in a unified way and develops and provides analytical tools and systems for the users.

Global Environmental Database

Supporting global environmental research

As well as supporting global environmental research by encouraging the use of monitoring platforms and supercomputers by researchers both within and outside NIES, CGER promotes mutual understanding among researchers, distributes research-related information and disseminates research results to help raising awareness about global environmental issues among the public.

Supporting Global Environmental Research