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Institutional Dimension of Global Environmental Change,
Carbon Management Research Activity
Report of the Initial Planning Meeting—MAY 29–30, 2000, TOKYO, JAPAN—

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Institutional Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (IDGEC) is one of the Science Projects of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Glob al Environmental Change (IHDP). The core of the IDGEC project is the analysi s of the roles of social institutions which play as determinants of the cour se of human/environment interactions.
The initial planning meeting of the IDGEC's Carbon Management Research Act ivity (CMRA) was held on May 29-30 in Tokyo, Japan. CMRA is a long-term inv estigation into the range of institutional issues associated with the emergi ng climate regime. Over thirty researchers from twelve countries and a range of disciplines attended this meeting in order to move the research activity from its initial scoping phase into the research phase. The report of the m eeting is compiled in this volume.
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