Climate Change Research Program


We conduct research in order to assemble and disseminate scientific knowledge with the aim of finding solutions to various climate change problems.

We implement research with an emphasis on observing the global variation in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, clarifying historical climate change and predicting future change, as well as assessing the global impact of climate change risks. We also study international adaptation and mitigation policies.

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Project 1 Characteristics of the variation of greenhouse gas concentrations and projections for the future

Based on global and regional observations and analyses of the atmosphere and GHGs, with emphasis on East Asia, we seek to clarify the actual conditions of the material and carbon cycles in these areas, as well as to improve the accuracy of projections of future GHG concentrations and climate change impacts. Learn more

Project 2 Climate change and global risk assessment

Through clarifying the actual climate change conditions and improving the accuracy of future projections, as well as assessing the risks of global climate change impacts, we provide scientific knowledge which will contribute to the drafting of climate change policies. Learn more

Project 3 Comprehensive climate policy assessment and development of visions and scenarios towards a low-carbon society

We provide scientific knowledge to promote the implementation of international climate change mitigation and adaptation policies by performing integrated assessments of various measures for the limitation of global GHG emissions and climate change impacts, and by proposing possible policy options which take into consideration the current international negotiations on climate change. Learn more