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1.Climate Modeling
  • Northern Hemisphere Lower Stratospheric N2O Distributions in the Early and Late Polar Vortex Breakup Years
  • Synoptic Scale Variability of Atmospheric CO2 in Continental Boundary Layer: Model and Observations
  • Radiative Effect of Ozone on the Relation between Dynamical Field and Ozone in the QBO: Simulation by the Stratospheric Chemical Transport Model of Meteorological Research Institute
  • Simulation of Cloud and Precipitation Perturbation by Aerosol Effects with Aerosol Transport-Radiation Model
  • Study of the Estimate of New Climate Change Scenarios Based on New Emission Scenarios - Uncertainty of Global Warming Projection -
  • Climate Response to Volcanic Forcing: Validation of Climate Sensitivity of a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model
2.Atmospheric and Oceanic Environment Modeling
  • Numerical Estimation for Greening Effect over the Desert in Saudi Arabia
  • Numerical Simulation of the Airflow within and above Urban Canopies under Neutral Condition by Using the Spatially Averaged κ-ε Model Considering the Effective Volume Ratio
  • Numerical Experiment on the Interaction between Large-Scale Atmospheric Motion and Cumulus Convection: Preferred Scale of the Planetary-Scale Concentration of Cloud Activity and New Model Development
3.Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Differential Diffusion of Heat and Salt in Doubly Diffusive Fluid
  • Analyses of Space-time Structures of the Equatorial Precipitation Activities in an Aqua-Planet Experiment and an Attempt to Improve Readability of a Primitive Model
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Structure in Shear-Free Turbulent Boundary Layers
  • Point,Spheroidal and Ellipsoidal Vortex Models - Their Statistical Properties -
4.Other Research
  • Temporal Variation of Grain Size Distribution of Bare Land Surface Caused by Flow with Raindrop Impacts
  • Development and Applications of an Urban Meteorological Numerical Model in Cartesian Coordinate
Overview of the NIES Supercomputer Systems
Research Programs in FY2004
  • Outlines of the Research Activity Reports (in Japanese)
    • 北半球高緯度下部成層圏N2O分布の年々変動
    • 陸域大気境界層内の二酸化炭素濃度のシノプティック規模での変動:モデルと観測
    • オゾンの放射効果がQBOにおけるオゾンと大気場の相関に及ぼす影響について:気象研究所成層圏化学輸送モデルによる数値実験
    • エアロゾル輸送放射モデルを用いたエアロゾル効果による雲・降水の変化に関するシミュレーション
    • 新排出シナリオに基づく新しい気候変動シナリオの推計に関する研究-温暖化予測の不確実性-
    • 火山噴火に対する気候応答:大気海洋結合GCMの気候感度の検証
    • 数値シミュレーションによる海洋性砂漠緑化の影響評価
    • 有効体積率を考慮したk-ε空間平均モデルによる中立場の都市キャノピー内及び上空の気流解析
    • 積雲対流の大規模運動の相互作用についての数値実験:雲活動の自発的集中化のスケール
    • 二重拡散流体中の熱と塩分の差分拡散
    • 水惑星実験で得られた赤道域降水活動の時系列構造、および、プリミティブモデルの可読性を高める試み
    • シアーのない乱流境界層の乱流構造に関する直接数値計算
    • 点渦、Wire渦、楕円体渦モデルの統計的性質
    • 降雨流による表面浸食に伴う裸地斜面の表層粒度分布の変化について
    • 直接直角座標系における都市スケール大気数値モデルの開発及び応用
  • Program of the 13th Supercomputer Workshop