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  • Foreword
  • Contents
  • 1. Climate Modeling
    • A Future Ozone Layer Prediction Using CCSR/NIES Chemical Climate Model with T42 Horizontal Resolution
    • Influence of Dynamic Vegetation Change on Climate Change Due to Increase of CO2
    • Solar Signals of 11-Year Cycle in Temperature and Ozone in the Middle Atmosphere Simulated with a Chemistry-Climate Model of Meteorological Research Institute
    • The Influence of Volcanic Activity and Changes in Solar Irradiance on Surface Air Temperatures in the Early Twentieth Century
  • 2. Atmospheric and Oceanic Environment Modeling
    • Numerical Simulation of Thermal and Airflow Field around Regularly Arrayed Buildings
    • Cloud Droplet Collisions in Turbulent Mesoscale Convective Clouds
    • Atmospheric CO2 Simulations with a High Resolution Model and Synoptic Scale Variability of CO2 Column
    • Numerical Experiment on the Interaction between Large-Scale Atmospheric Motion and Cumulus Convection: Mechanism of Spontaneous Large-Scale Stationary Concentration of Cloud Activity
  • 3. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
    • Differential Diffusion of Heat and Salt
    • Equatorial Precipitation Patterns in Aqua-Planet Experiments: Effects of Vertical Turbulent Mixing Processes
    • On Similarity between Momentum Transfer and Scalar Transfer in the Airflow over Traveling Waves
    • Statistics of Quasi-geostrophic Vortex Patches
    • Properties of Perturbations Obtained by Nudged Ensemble Simulations of a Relatively High-Resolution Atmospheric General Circulation Model
  • 4. Other Research
    • Application of Sediment Routing Model through Forest to Agricultural Area in Kuchoro River Watershed, Hokkaido
    • Development and Applications of an Urban Meteorological Numerical Model in Cartesian Coordinate (2)
  • Overview of the NIES Supercomputer Systems
  • Research Programs in FY2005
  • Appendices
    • Outlines of the Research Activity Reports (in Japanese)
    • Program of the 14th Supercomputer Workshop